Science Fiction

My debut Sci Fi novel Submerged is in pre order, or available as an exclusive signed paperback at Halifax Comic Con 2022


The human race is in trouble again...

Crewmates Charlie, Theodore, Callum, Ria, and Jamal never imagined the fate of the world would be resting on their shoulders, but when humanity is reaching the final apocalypse that cannot be defeated, starvation, the duty falls to them.

All experts in their fields, the five of them must head and experimental watercraft mission deeper into the ocean than any human life has gone—and survived—before. The answers to the survival of humanity might be hidden in the depths unexplored, but they'll have to all put their own survival at risk taking a dive into the unknown.

The risk is monumental but what choice do they have?

They either die trying, or just die.

Might as well take the plunge.

After all...

What's the worst that can happen?


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